E – mail Marketing

 Email marketing services is a type of direct advertising that uses email to impart a business message about your company’s product or services to potential or current clients.


Email marketing is the single most effective and cost-effective online marketing tool available to businesses today. Email marketing services is very economical, there is no argument about that. Marketing to hundreds or thousands of customers via email is going to be very low-cost compared to traditional methods of marketing.

Bulk e-mail marketing

Designed per your business needs. Fully managed plans that help marketers deliver high-quality contents valuable for customers. Start from planning to scheduling, and emailer designing, sending to measuring, our plans manage it all within minutes.

E-mail marketing automation

Email marketing automation is an ecosystem that helps marketers to send effective messages suited to the needs of subscribers.

Data mining/e-mail validation

It allows you to have an undivided focus on your most targeted buyers. To do so, we take advantage of proven data mining techniques and tools.  In addition, email validation services help you scrub and validate email address list to consolidate real-time genuine and validated data.

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